The exhibition, titled “VICTIMA” by D. Paponja, a member of the Association of anonymous artists UAA!, Will take place from 16 to 31 May 2013th in the gallery of the Association “Dogma Arts” in Banja Luka.

The video visualizes Victima artists / subjectivity as a sacrifice to the broken, an impossible reality, where the economy functioning of the victim, although contradictory, in fact, a victim for no reason, no reason sacrifice. Sacrifice is a necessary interpreted way through suffering and death to attain the truth beyond the orthodox and standardized. By giving yourself as a potential medium of communication between the secular and the religious, economic model is expected to provide the responsiveness, or to affirm the decay of the subject, the artist once again the self-evidence of the victim. Trauma remains a constant feature of the subject with no way out. This economic aspect of the religious sacrifice can be transferred in the political sphere thus sacrificing for a better state of dreaming utopian dream out of the trauma and traumatic delays present in favor of the future, while subjects suffer reflection.



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